4 Habits Which Keep You Safe During Confined Space Work

People who work in confined spaces need to do everything in their power to return home at the end of each workday. You can ensure that you are safe and return home after your day by developing the right habits which will ensure that you aren't affected by the risks which are present in confined spaces. This article discusses some of those helpful habits which promote safety during confined space work.

Confined Space Awareness

What you don't know can hurt you if you work in confined spaces. The first habit that you must develop therefore entails being aware of each confined space in which you work and the risks present in that location. Ensure all the entry requirements indicated for each confined space at your workplace are fulfilled. For example, don't enter a storage tank unless atmosphere tests have been done to confirm that the air is breathable. Take precautions to manage any identified risks before making an entry into the confined space.

Undergo Appropriate Training

Each confined space is usually different from another. You should, therefore, get into a habit of undergoing training before undertaking confined space work in a new location. For example, each workplace may have a different set of procedures for people who are going to enter a confined space or those who will stand watch during the execution of confined space work. Receive the needed training and only start working if you don't have any unresolved issues about what you need to do during each step of the task.

Isolate Energy Sources

It is also a good habit to isolate each energy source within the confined space before work commences. For instance, all electrical systems in the confined space should be locked out and tagged out before an entry is made. This habit will safeguard you from any hazards which can result in case those energy sources are damaged while you work.

Complete the Entry Permit

Develop a habit of viewing the confined space entry permit as a way for you to confirm that no oversight has been made during preparations for confined space work. Fill in all the required information truthfully and know that any error that you make while filling that form/permit can take your life or the life of a workmate.

Don't take any information which you are given during confined space training lightly. The one detail which you overlook can easily be the tipping point which exposes you to danger during confined space work.