Education Development

3 Questions to Ask Forklift Training Course Providers

If you need to train some of your workers so that they can apply for forklift licences, then you need to find the right training provider. While any accredited company can provide this training, you should look for companies that best match your needs. Price is obviously important here; however, you should also ask shortlisted companies the following questions to find the right provider. 1. Which Licensing Training Do They Offer? Read More 

Literacy Programs Funding: Corporate Planning Tips for Dog Sponsorship

If your business is interested in engaging in more community development and improvement projects, consider looking into funding dogs for literacy programs. Often, children struggle with learning and inspiring an interest in education is difficult, especially among those with learning disabilities. However, this problem can be alleviated by incorporating animals, particularly dogs, into literacy programs. Animal companionship has proven effective in improving mental health and allowing engagement. Finding dogs allows more children to develop some interest in learning and improving. Read More 

Selecting a WHSO Course

According to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, any business with more than 30 employees must appoint a trained Work Health and Safety Officer (WHSO), and businesses with fewer employees can also elect to appoint one if they so choose. These officers make sure that the workplace abides by the health and safety regulations laid out in the WHS/OH&S acts, in turn ensuring that workplaces are as safe as they possibly can be. Read More 

What To Look For In An Ideal Child Care Centre

One of the most significant challenges for parents today is how to juggle child care and employment. Children, especially those under five years, need constant attention and parents are not always available all day to look after them. While hiring a nanny is a viable option, taking your child to a child care centre is more beneficial to the child. Child care centres today are equipped with staff and equipment aimed at ensuring the child develops holistically. Read More 

3 Factors That Should Help You Decide Which Driving School to Choose

Going for driving lessons has become a rite of passage for almost everyone. Driving is slowly becoming an inevitable thing in life and therefore having a driving license is very important. Are you looking for tips on what to look for when choosing a driving school? Apart from price, which plays a huge role as to whether or not a driving school is good for you, below are some of the factors to check. Read More