3 Questions to Ask Forklift Training Course Providers

If you need to train some of your workers so that they can apply for forklift licences, then you need to find the right training provider. While any accredited company can provide this training, you should look for companies that best match your needs.

Price is obviously important here; however, you should also ask shortlisted companies the following questions to find the right provider.

1. Which Licensing Training Do They Offer?

Your workers can't apply for just any forklift licence. They need the right licence for the type of forklift they'll drive and the work they will do.

For example, if your workers will operate an order-picking forklift, then they need an LO licence. They'll need an LF licence to legally operate any other kind of forklift.

So, you need to find a training company that offers the right licensing option for your needs. Ask providers which class of licence their training covers. Often, companies offer training for both licence classes. This might be useful if you need some or all of your people to get both licences because they need to operate different kinds of forklifts.

2. How Long Does a Training Course Take?

While forklift training might not take too long, it still takes your workers out of action for a period of time. People will have to go through practical skills training and assessments to check that they are fit to operate forklifts. You have to juggle the need to get professional training with the need to get your people licensed and back at work as soon as possible.

Ask training companies how long their courses last. Some companies offer express options which condense training into one day or less. Be aware that these options might work on the basis that your people do their theory training online in advance of their practical lessons and assessment.

If you really can't lose people to training during the working week, then some companies also offer weekend courses. You might have to pay a little extra for this option.

3. Can You Hire an Onsite Trainer?

While some people join a public forklift licensing course, you can also organise onsite training. Rather than sending your workers off to the training company's site, a trainer would come to you to deliver the course.

This is often a cost-effective solution if you have multiple people who need to apply for forklift licences. You can have them all trained at the same time on your premises.

To get started, contact local forklift training course providers.