Fun and educational apps for young whizz kids

Technology has advanced in a way beyond our wildest dreams, when you were a toddler LEGO and Barbies were the height of entertainment. Nowadays children as young as six months are learning important life and educational skills through tablets and smartphones. Many parents have concerns about how technology affects early learning development and it is necessary to emphasise that good old fashioned learning tools, such as books and building block, should never be abandoned entirely as these aid the development of a child's fine motor skills.

However, many modern day apps that have been specifically developed for preschool aged children and can help to advance their reading, writing, mathematical and even handwriting skills in fun ways that will entertain and delight. So before your little treasure begins their elementary school adventure here are a number of apps aimed at children from zero to four that will prepare them for their first day of school.

1. Math Bakery - Start Counting

Learning about mathematics may not seem like the most exciting venture when there are Pixar movies to watch over and over again but Math Bakery manages to makes learning to count a fantastically fun event.  Bright and charming animations in the fun setting of a mathematically ambient bakery, your little one will be soon be fixated with counting everything! Baking and counting, what's not to love?

2. iWriteWords

Once you little genius has mastered the basics of counting iWriteWords offers the next challenge, practising their handwriting. The great thing about this application is that it gives young learners a chance to develop dexterity skills through technology. The aim is to trace letters shapes with their hands, helping them to understand the formation of both letters and words. This app is aimed at kindergarten aged children and is aimed at helping them complete word formation tasks. This one requires a prior level of basic counting and knowledge of the alphabet but it offers a great way for users to combine these two skills and understand how words are formed and even how to create simple sentences. 

3. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Colours and shapes are important to learn and for preschool children and they are made more memorable when taught by marvelous Milo the monkey. This one is for children aged two to five, its provides simple matching tasks that when completed correctly are rewarded with a delighted clapping monkey.

To learn more about proper activities and apps for kids, contact local early learning centers.